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| Category: Social Media Event |

✧ Contest Mode: ART
Traditional or Digital Artworks, Handicrafts and Cosplays applies!

✧ Theme
Halloween X Genshin Impact

✧ Rules
○ One entry per applicant
○ Entry must be ORIGINAL !
○ Entry should have clearly recognizable Genshin Impact characters/elements and ties in with a Halloween theme
○ Entry must be SFW
○ Selected winners will go through…

| Category: Review |

Hey there guys! Today I want to talk about two of the rate-up 4 stars in Klee's banner, Sucrose and Xingqui. These two 4 stars have really great passives that in the long run will save you so much materials. So let's talk about them!

First up we have Sucrose's Passive known as Astable Invention. This passive has a 10% chance to obtain double the…

| Category: Social Media Event |

Update: Event ended!

Hey guys! There is a new Forum Event that is giving away Blessing of the Welkin Moons!

Blessing of the Welkin Moon: 1,000 to be won
If over 10 thousand people take part, Caroline will increase the number of prize winners to 10% of the total participants.
More participants means more people will get the Blessing of the Welkin…

| Category: Game Event |

Hey there everyone, we have some exciting news from the Genshin Impact Twitter!

The Barbara's Shining Debut event will begin right after official release! All Travelers who create an account and reach Adventure Rank 20 before Version 1.1 goes live will receive "Shining Idol" Barbara (Hydro) via in-game message.…

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This is a fanmade DB (not a real Wiki) for miHoYo's cross-platform title "Genshin Impact", released on PlayStation, PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch following soon. We will primarly try to cover the Global Client (America, Europe) informations. If the team happens to expand to a certain size we will try to cover multi-language information for you! Once completed, you will find all kind of useful information about the lore, characters, guides and much, much more!

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