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The "Traveler's Diary" tool is finally available on the HoYoLAB App!

You can not only check the amount of Primogems and Mora that you have obtained in the last three months and how you obtained them.

Click Here to Check Out This Tool >>>

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With the end of the incident in Inazuma, Kazuha follows The Crux and returns to Liyue. However, he has suddenly passed a short message along, requesting that his fellow sailors keep an eye out for you. Might he be in some sort of trouble...?

Event Duration

2021/10/15 10:00 – 2021/10/25 03:59 (Server Time)


Adventure Rank 30 or above

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How to Participate

During the event, you can post your submissions that meet the event criteria through the Event Details page, and you will be considered a successful participant..

P.S. For this Strategy Guides Contest, guides that are related to new events and new characters with [Version 2.2] in the title and published with the topic hashtag…

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The Windblume Festival has arrived in 1.4 and we got an exciting guide for you to check out by our writer Yue!

We hope you enjoy the patch and have fun with our guide!

| Category: Game Database |

The vote is over ladies and gentlemen!

We asked you which character you liked the most out of all currently available and we are happy too see all the votes!

We also noticed the concerns about the massive hacks recently and people decided not to vote by exposing their email address, but we have saw no other option to get valid results without…

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This is a fanmade DB (not a real Wiki) for miHoYo's cross-platform title "Genshin Impact", released on PlayStation, PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch following soon. We will primarly try to cover the Global Client (America, Europe) informations. If the team happens to expand to a certain size we will try to cover multi-language information for you! Once completed, you will find all kind of useful information about the lore, characters, guides and much, much more!

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