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| Category: Game Event |

A new AR20+ event has arrived! You can see the official news post for this here!

You can start the event by either creating a co-op party or matching to one. Please note you can only obtain Windtrace Coins while playing in randomised games using the matching function.

You'll randomly play as one of the following two groups:

  • Rebels
    • Move and…
| Category: Game Event |

You can see the official post for this event here!

In order to take part in this event:

  1. AR10+ (Returning and Active)
  2. 14 days+ since last login to Genshin (Returning)
  3. Stellar Reunion event was last used 45 days+ ago (Returning)

The link to the event is here (for pc!). You can also use my invite link here to help gain rewards!

Log into the…

| Category: Game Event |

A new web event for AR10+ has arrived, you can read the official news post here!

Through earning furniture in this web event, you can earn real in-game furniture and primogems for your account:

  • 120x Primogems
  • "Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails" furnishing
  • "Cloudy Haze Bed" furnishing

Your attempts refresh daily, with the first attempt…

Database News

| Category: Game Database |

The Windblume Festival has arrived in 1.4 and we got an exciting guide for you to check out by our writer Yue!

We hope you enjoy the patch and have fun with our guide!

| Category: Game Database |

The vote is over ladies and gentlemen!

We asked you which character you liked the most out of all currently available and we are happy too see all the votes!

We also noticed the concerns about the massive hacks recently and people decided not to vote by exposing their email address, but we have saw no other option to get valid results without…

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