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To the Stars Once More

| Category: Game Event Social Media Event Merchandise |

You can see the official post for this event here!

In order to take part in this event:

  1. AR10+ (Returning and Active)
  2. 14 days+ since last login to Genshin (Returning)
  3. Stellar Reunion event was last used 45 days+ ago (Returning)

The link to the event is here (for pc!). You can also use my invite link here to help gain rewards!

Log into the web page to complete tasks and claim Exploration Energy to obtain Exploration Gift Vouchers, Genshin Impact merch, Hero's Wit and more rewards!

The potential merchandise prizes are:

  • Genshin Impact Chibi Acrylic Hanger

  • Genshin Impact Chibi Badge

  • Mondstadt Character Acrylic Figure

  • Liyue Character Acrylic Figure

  • Genshin Impact Mousemat

The prizes are randomly chose from the above and will have manufacturing time before being delivered. You must also give MiHoYo your address if you want to receive it, so please bear this in mind!