Theater Mechanicus

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You can view the official post, which has additional screenshots and detail on the event here! There is also an additional guide post here!

Once you've unlocked the required steps from the Lantern Rite, this event will unlock.

There are 6 stages to this event! Each stage is of a higher difficulty, raising the max level of Mechanici, and increases the max limit of Veneficus Sigils you can own.

There is also the Theater Mechanicus challenge that consists of 8 levels. The higher the difficulty, the larger the reward multiplier. To unlock each difficulty, you must unlock the Stage as above, and complete the challenge on the previous difficulty.


Ruijin in Liyue Harbour is how you'll start this event! Each participation in Theater Mechanicus costs 1x Xiao Lantern, even if you fail.

You can complete the challenge alone or in 2 person co-op!

Construction Phase:

  • At the start of each challenge, you will enter a Stage where enemies attack in waves. You will then have to construct Mechanici to defend the area in good old tower defense style until the timer runs out! They can be placed at predetermined positions, deal damage to monsters, and they have different elements. During this phase, the enemy paths are highlighted on the floor.
  • Building a Mechanici costs Veneficius Points, and you start each phase with a set amount to spend. You can earn more points by defeating enemies and using Mystic Arts!
  • Removing any exisitng Mechanici will refund part of the cost, but not all. You can also spend less points to reconstruct an already existing Mechanici.
  • In Co-Op mode, the max constructible Mechanici is shared between both of you, and each Mechanici level is dependent on their own individual upgrade progress, it is not dependent on who hosts!
  • If either player leaves the Co-Op mode before completion, neither of them will be able to join another Co-Op sesion for a set amount of time.

You can end the construction phase early by starting the next wave immediately by pressing "P" on PC, "Start Wave" button on PC, and by pressing both sticks down on the PS4.

Attack Phase:

Once the construction phase is over, monsters will start emerging from the purple portal and move along their paths to the blue portal to escape. Purple to blue!

  • Monsters do not attack you, and characters cannot deal damage to monsters, gain Energy, or use Elemental Bursts. Only Mechanici and the environment can be used directly. However, Elemental Skills can still be used to infuse monsters with elements to cause reactions!

  • The environment includes special features in each stage that can be used to destroy monsters, which will gain a cooldown after use.

  • Challenge progress can be checked from the left side of your screen, which includes:
    • Current wave number and number of monsters remaining;
    • Total number of monsters that escaped;
    • Challenge objectives;
    • Veneficus Points left; and
    • Current Mechanici built and the maximum buildable.

The challenge is a success if the number of monsters who escape isn't more than the maximum in the requirement. If you fail this, the stage will end immediately.

Once the challenge ends, you will receive Veneficus Sigils based on the finalisation rules of that stage. These can be used to unlock and upgrade Mechanici.

Finalisation Phase:

Once you've complete a stage, you'll receive a number of Veneficus Sigils based on the number of stage challenges completed, multiplied by the difficulty of the stage. These can be checked from the Stage Features menu, mentioned below, either before entering the stage or at any time during the challenge.

An example from Mihoyo:

"Travelers completed a Stage on Difficulty 2 with a corresponding Reward Multiplier of 1.2. They earned 300 Veneficus Sigils by completing the Stage Challenges, so the final amount of Veneficus Sigils that they will receive is:

300 x 1.2 = 360"

Stage Features

You can check the stage features at any point throughout the stage, including:

  • Monster types included in the current wave;
  • Current stage layout;
  • Detailed information on Mechanici;
  • Mystic Arts already chosen; and
  • Stage challenges.

Mystic Arts

Once you have defeated each wave, you'll have a choice of Mystic Arts to apply to the stage. Mystic Arts represent a variety of effects, such as:

  • Allowing players to gain additional Veneficus Points;
  • Enhance Mechanici;
  • Increase maximum number of constructible Mechanici;
  • Increase difficulty level of next wave leading to more Veneficus Sigils after completion; and
  • Provide a great boost to Mechanici, but with frightening side effects (I wonder what!).

You can choose "Skip" instead of one of these effects.


This menu is available before entering a stage, and its where you can upgrade or unlock your Mechanici. Each Mechanicus has unique features:

Every time a Mechanici is upgraded it will grow in strength. Once a certain level is reached, it can also gain additional effects. The level and type of Mechanici available for stages depends on your Mechanici in the Armoury.

The number of Veneficus Sigil needed to upgrade a Mechanici scales with its level.


You can check and redeem rewards from the event page, and unlock subsequent quests from gaining more Festive Fever. Each completed quest will give you Peace Talismans.

You can use these Peace Talismans in the Xiao Market to exchange for various rewards, including a Crown of Insight and the namecard "Celebration: Lantern-Light". You can also redeem 1,000x Peace Talismans in "Stand by Me" to gain one of Liyue's 4* characters to join your party.