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"Lunar Realm" Gameplay

An Inazuman fisherwoman, Kujirai Momiji, has always wanted to catch a legendary great fish called the "Lunar Leviathan." She plans to assemble all her old friends and embark on a journey to find it — and she invites you to join her. Will she attain her wish this time? 

Event Duration

Event Gameplay Period: 2021/09/10 10:00 – 2021/09/20 03:59 (Server Time)


Adventure Rank 30 or above

Complete the Archon Quest "Ritou Escape Plan", unlock the Serenitea Pot System, and complete the "Exploding Population" quest given by Mondstadt's Nantuck

Event Description

To help Kujirai Momiji search for the Lunar Leviathan, you'll need to complete various activities, including a series of special fishing training. The different places of the event will be unlocked gradually over the first 7 days.

During the special fishing training, you will have to achieve specific fishing objectives within th allotted time. The better the performance, the greater the rewards.

By following the directions on the map, you will be able to find the different locations of the special fishing training. Choose the right bait and the right fishing rod according to the location and objectives of each challenge.

You can check the fish caught during training in your inventory. To protect the fish species fo teyvat, a maximum of 50 fish can be caught in the special training pool per day. All fish beyond that point will be released.

After uncovering the mystery behind the Lunar Leviathan, head to the designated bodies of water to catch mysterious ornamental fish using the "Glowgrass Bait" you have received from the event.

The mysterious ornamental fish will only appear at certain times. If you out of Glowgrass  Bait, you can obtain more from Kujirai Momiji.
Glowgrass Bait can only be used in bodies of water where the mysterious ornamental fish are located, and can be used to catch nay type of fish in that body of water (such as Dawncatcher, Crystalfish, etc.)

During the event, you can catch a maximum of 5 mysterious ornamental Fish. Ig you exceed this number,they will not be added to your Inventory.

Event Rewards

Complete the event's quests and challenges to obtain the mevent-exclusive fishing rod "Moonstringer", Primogems, Mysterious Fish Furnishing, Hero's Wit, Sanctifying Unction, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora.