I have been hacked - What now?

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Dear Visitors,

We still get a lot of request over the contact form to get assistance after being hacked.

First of all: We are NOT official Genshin Impact staff. This page is a fanproject!

Sadly we have encountered two hacked accounts in our own team and the waiting time for the handling by the customer support is quite high.

What to do if you have been hacked?

Official miHoYo statement/info to hacked accounts: https://discord.com/channels/522681957373575168/587912426691887114/772662568194932776

Official message:

We've noticed reports recently from Travelers who had their accounts accessed without their authorization and stolen. Some of these hacks may to be the result of "credential stuffing", where hackers reuse usernames, emails, and passwords that were already leaked online in hopes that people are reusing the same info for their other accounts. Please do NOT ever give the username or email address of your Mihoyo account (or any account) to unverified third parties. Consider using an in-game nickname that's different from your actual account username. In general, you shouldn't reuse passwords across multiple online services. For security, consider using a password manager that generates and stores secure, unique passwords for different services. There are many free and paid options out there, so do your own research and find one you like.(Bearbeitet)

If you believe your account was stolen and would like to recover it, please reach out to customer service at genshin_cs@mihoyo.com and provide as much information as you can to prove the account is yours, including:

  • UID
  • Email and/or phone the account was registered with
  • Whether or not the email/phone have been changed
  • Date/time of your last login
  • Registration date
  • Devices you used to access the account
  • Transactions you made, including confirmation numbers, date/time, amounts
  • Any other proof of ownership you can provide


After sending this to the Genshin Impact support, be patient, it may take a few days until they come back to you! If you have a very close real life friend, it may also help that they try to contact the support with your hacked account ID. We do not recommend to randomly trust people you just met a few weeks ago with this task!

We hope you get your account back as fast as possible! Good luck!