Developers Letter

A new Developers Discussion is here~ Let's see what they have in store for us!

Q: Are there going to be more Commission Quests? I have almost played all existing Commission Quests in and out.

A: Eleven new Commission Quests will become available in Version 2.4. By completing specific prerequisite quests or meeting given criteria, you will have the opportunity to receive these Daily Commissions.

Q: I spent so much effort and time on Sunday only to find that I cleared the wrong Domain with the wrong rewards. What a bummer!

A: In Version 2.4, we will optimize access to Material Domains. You can click on the Source section of Weapon Ascension Materials or Talent Level-Up Materials, and be redirected to the corresponding Domain. The Domain for said materials will be automatically selected after you enter it. By accessing domains this way, Travelers can largely avoid clearing the wrong Material Domains.

Please double-check the materials you plan to acquire in your Inventory.

The mail favorites system mentioned in the Developers Discussion on 04/13/2021 will become available in Version 2.4~

Some important mail such as birthday wishes will be automatically transferred into the Gift Mail Box after you have collected the rewards. Mail within this Box will not expire over time.

Q: After some opponents have been defeated, they sometimes still block the arrows of certain characters.

A: Adjustments will be made to fix this issue in Version 2.4. Enemies will no longer be regarded as targets when they are defeated and thus will not block attacks from bows or some Catalysts. Besides that, we have also optimized the impact effect of fallen enemies.

Q: When I am in Inazuma while my Daily Commissions are set in Mondstadt, it is very inconvenient to scroll up the map to locate these tasks.

A: With more areas added to our ever-expanding map, we will make optimizations accordingly in Version 2.4, which will be explained in detail in our Version Sneak Peek Special Program~ Don't miss out on it.

Q: Can you add an elevating mechanism that makes it less troublesome to scale the Floating Platform?

A: The suggestion has been duly noted~ In subsequent versions, we will add elevating Furnishings to make it easier for Travelers to board the Floating Platform.

Q: So many lovely Furnishings have become available in the Serenitea Pot today. Can I ask for more? Also, please include more gameplay mechanics!

A: In Version 2.4, fun Furnishings such as the "Speedy Rhythm" and "Euphonium Unbound" series will be added to the Riches of the Realm. Speedy Rhythm is a combination of furnishings created by Tubby herself, and it is made from the Scoreboard and Flash Step components. After stepping on different Flash Steps, the lamps on the Scoreboard will light up one by one and the corresponding score will be recorded.

Q: It is very troublesome to filter Artifacts. Is it possible to filter them by main affixes and minor affixes?

A: The developers are making various optimizations to the display of Artifacts, including sorting them by attributes. In the future, you will be able to select another affix as a secondary rule for sorting. On top of that, in addition to the existing set name, the icons of Artifacts will be displayed in the Artifacts filter interface to help Travelers find their desired Artifacts faster.

Q: Sometimes, when I get near a monster after my friends defeat it in Co-Op Mode, the monster did not drop any items. Why is that so?

A: Please note that when a character is too far away from the defeated enemy, the enemy will not drop items. Enemies defeated after being pushed off a high place sometimes do not drop any items, either.