Caroline's Adventure Supplies Event

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Update: Event ended!

Hey guys! There is a new Forum Event that is giving away Blessing of the Welkin Moons!

Blessing of the Welkin Moon: 1,000 to be won
If over 10 thousand people take part, Caroline will increase the number of prize winners to 10% of the total participants.
More participants means more people will get the Blessing of the Welkin Moon. There is no upper limit.
Example: If 500 thousand Travelers have participated in the event by the time it ends, Caroline will select 50 thousand lucky Travelers to win Blessing of the Welkin Moon.

Event Duration
Now – 2020/10/11 at 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

How to Participate
1. Leave a comment on the forum post in the following format: [PS4 / PC or Mobile (select one)] + [your UID] + your thoughts on the game so far

[PS4] + [800000001] + I love exploring the open world!
[PC or Mobile] + [600000002] + Paimon is sooooo tasty!

2. Go to and link your email. As long as your email is successfully linked, your participation in the draw is confirmed.