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Hello Travelers, here's the summary of the new version 3.1!

I. Areas

New Areas: Hypostyle Desert, Land of Lower Setekh, and Land of Upper Setekh

New Daily Commissions

New Fishing Points and "Radiant Spincrystals"

II. New Characters

5-Star Character "Judicator of Secrets" Cyno (Electro Polearm wielder)

The General Mahamatra in charge of…

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From HoyoVerse Official

Travellers, the HoYo FEST 2022 offline themed café collaboration will begin soon!

=Event Locations=

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand

We'll be announcing more information about the themed café collaboration on September 21 (UTC+8), so stay tuned!

We hope to meet all Travellers at HoYo…

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Hello Travelers~! Today, Paimon wants to introduce you to the brand-new equipment that will be appearing in Version 3.0! Come on, let's take a look~
Official Hoyolab Page




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The version 3.0 is now up! Here's the complete list of details of this update.

I. New Region

New Region - Sumeru

New Areas:  Avidya Forest, Lokapala Jungle, Ardravi Valley, Ashavan Realm, Vissudha Field, and Vanarana

New System in Sumeru

Tree of Dreams, Vanarana: A mystic plant that grows in the heart of the forest. Seems to be sentient.…

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Message from HOYOVERSE

Dear Travelers,

It's announcement time! The special program for Genshin Impact's new version will premiere on the official Twitch channel on 8/13/2022 at 08:00 AM (UTC-4)!


This special program will feature juicy details about new game content and developments in Version…