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Ley Lines

Ley Lines are an quick alternative to spend your Resin to gain Character EXP or Mora in Genshin Impact. They are available anytime on your World Map.


Ley Line Blossom are crystals formed from deposits that collect on the ley lines due to impeded flow of elemental energy. They appear after completing specified challenges.

Use Origin Resin on the Ley Line Blossom to claim the reward for the challenge.

Original Resin regenrates over time: 1 Original Resin is replenished every 8 minute(s).

Once the maximum quantity of Original Resin is reached or exceeded, it will not regenerate further.

You can purchase Original Resin using Primogems.

Blossom of Wealth

The Blossom of Wealth gives you:

  • 100(+) Adventure EXP
  • 12000 or more Mora

The rewards depend on your World Rank Level.

Blossom of Revelation

The Blossom of Revelation gives you

  • 100(+) Adventure EXP (AR)
  • Character EXP Scrolls

The amount and quality varies, depending on your World Rank Level.