Fishing System

Starting in Version 2.1, Genshin Impact allowed players to access fishing spots in bodies of water across the world and initiate a fishing minigame in order to get rewards.

Please note that you can only fish in these designated spots.

Unlocking the feature:

Players would have to have unlocked the Serenitea Pot and complete the quest "Exploding Population".

Fishing Associations

You will start your fishing journey with them and after you've accrued enough fish, you can exchange your harvest with them for rewards like new rods, a teapot decoration, and a 4-star polearm together with it's refinements.

  • Monstadt Fishing Association: Speak with Nantuck
  • Liyue Fishing Association: Speak with Jiawei
  • Inazuma Fishing Association: Speak with Kujirai Momiji

How to play:

Once you have a rod and the corresponding bait, you will approach a fishing spot.

Cast your line in the vicinity of the fish you're aiming to catch. Cast it too close and it might cause the fish to panic and it will not be attracted by any bait temporarily. Cast it too far and the fish won't notice the bait altogether. 

Wait for the fish to nibble and respond once you see "You've got a bite!!" on your screen.

There will be a bar that will appear on top of your screen, and on it, there will be a moving line that represents the fish struggling and a Tension Zone which you will be controlling. The aim is to keep the line inside the Tension Zone and to fill up the catch meter shown underneath it.

Once the catch meter is filled up, the fish will be caught and a bait is consumed.

**If you stay at 0 catch meter for too long, the line will break, the fish will panic, and a bait will be consumed.**