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The World

Teyvat is the vast, completely open world in which Genshin Impact takes place. The land is home to a variety of cultures and landscapes. There are cities, harbors, townships, and ancient ruins. There are coasts, cliffs, marshes, and mountain ranges. There is so much to do and explore! 


Because the world is so full, it can be easy to lose track of things. Here is an incredibly useful interactive map. It has the locations of hundreds of important locations, treasure chests, monsters, and useful items.


A city of freedom located to the northeast of Teyvat. Its open fields and windy hills bring a scent of freedom as gifted by the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, to its citizens. The city itself is situated on an island in the middle of Cider Lake and they pride themselves of living without a ruler. The Knights of Favonius oversee the peace and the maintenance of the freedom given to them by their Archon.

This is where travelers begin their journey across the seven nations of Teyvat.

The dragon who defended Mondstadt for a millennium finally faces his perturbation. What does freedom really mean, when demanded of you by a god? --Dainslief

Characters: Albedo, Amber, Barbara, Bennett, Diluc, Diona, Eula, Fischl, Jean, Kaeya, Klee, Lisa, Mona, Noelle, Razor, Rosaria, Sucrose, Venti

Inspiration: Germany

Archon: Barbatos

Element: Anemo (Wind)

Associated Characters: Beidou, Chongyun, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Keqing, Ningguang, Qiqi, Xiangling, Xiao, Xingqiu, Xinyan, Yanfei, Zhongli

Inspiration: China

Archon: Rex Lapis

Element: Geo (Earth)


A bountiful harbor that lies in the east of Teyvat.
Mountains stand tall and proud alongside the stone forest, that together with the open plains and lively rivers make up Liyue's bountiful landscape. Unlike its neighboring nation, Monstadt, the nation of Geo is closely guided by its Archon and his adepti with the help of the Liyue Qixing, the governing body of Liyue Harbor. This nation honors contracts above all else, no matter how big or small it may be. 

"The God of Contracts, senselessly slaughtered as his people watched on in horror. In the end, he will sign the contract to end all contracts." -- Dainslief


An archipelago located to the southeast of Liyue Harbor. This city-state has recently closed its borders to outsiders following the Sakoku Decree issued by the Inazuma Bakufu and its leader, the Raiden Shogun with her dedication to achieving Eternity. Its landscape is considered perilous for most sailors to travel to and from Inazuma due to the incessant storms on its borders. The islands themselves are plagued with rain and lightning, It would be wise for travelers to be careful when traversing the cliffs and shores of this region.

"In the secluded land of the immortal Shogun, the Bakufu rules eternal. But what do mortals see the eternity chased after by their god?" --Dainsleif

Associated Characters: Ayaka, Gorou, Kazuha, Kokomi, Kujou Sara, Raiden Shogun, Sayu, Thoma, Yae Miko, Yoimiya

Inspiration: Japan

Archon: The Raiden Shogun

Element: Electro (Lightning)

Associated Characters: Cyno

Inspiration: Egypt

Archon: the god of Wisdom

Element: Dendro (Botany)


"The God of Wisdom's enemy is wisdom itself, and the oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the desert of ignorance. In the city of scholars there is a push for folly, yet the God of Wisdom makes no argument against it." --Dainsleif


"The God of Justice lives for the spectacle of the courtroom, seeking to judge all other gods. But even she knows not to make an enemy of the divine."--Dainsleif

Associated Characters: Lyney & Lynette

Inspiration: France

Archon: the god of Justice

Element: Hydro (Water)

Associated Characters: Vennessa (Manga), Iansan.

Inspiration: Not yet known

Archon: Murata, the god of War

Element: Pyro (Fire)


"The rules of war are woven in the womb: the victors shall burn bright, while the losers must turn to ash. When the God of War shares this secret with the Traveler, it is because she has her reasons." --Dainsleif


"She is a god with no love left for her people, nor do they have any left for her. Her followers only hope to be on her side when the day of her rebellion against the divine comes at last." --Dainsleif

Associated Characters: Ill Dotorre (Manga), La Signora, Tartaglia, Scaramouche, Pantalone, Capitano, Pulcinella

Inspiration: Russia

Archon: The "Tsaritsa"

Element: Cryo (Ice)