Crafting System

Genshin Impact has a large crafting system which allows you to craft:

  • Weapons
  • Materials
  • Ingredients
  • Food
  • Potions

Most of the items can be used to generate/craft a next-tier version of it, so only a small amount of items are unused.

Non-Gacha 4* Weapons

Right now there are 10 weapons, 2 of each type, which are craftable with a prototype.

  • Prototype Weapons
  • Infusion Weapons

These prototypes can be bought with regional currency (sigils), found at large-scale bosses (Stormterror) or are rewards in the main storyline.

These weapons require 50 crystal chunks, 50 white iron chunk and one prototype. They can be crafted at Wagner (Mondstadt) or Master Zhang (Liyue Harbor).