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Cooperative Mode

Genshin Impact supports up to 4-player cooperative mode, where you can allow other players to join your world or join one of the public listed world. You have to reach Adventure Rank 16 to unlock the cooperative mode.

The co-op gameplay is only possible per region. You won't be able to group up with someone from a different server region (CN, EU, NA, SEA).

At the current state, during cooperative mode, players aren't allowed to loot chests to prevent dupe mechanics, but you can still loot spawning items.

Players which have a lower World Rank cannot join higher Worlds but the opposite is possible, so you can get help on some (not all) big fights and grind partys.

Character Control

While playing cooperative, doubled characters are not allowed and also the maximum combination has to be split up between the current players.

The split character limitation is as following:

  • 1 player = Host controls 4 characters
  • 2 players = Every player controls 2 characters each
  • 3 players = Host controls 2 players, the rest has 1 playable character
  • 4 players = Every player controls one character

Players can switch their controllable character anytime as long as you are not in a fight or doing the regular locked actions (climbing, gliding...)


The Friends List is where you can save your friends' ID and get a notification whenever they are online to hop into their worlds.

The friendlist is currently limited to 50 entries.


With more players populating the same world, the enemys of course are getting stronger too. The HP pool as well as the outgoing damage is increased by the numbers of players currently playing.

World Bosses as well as Domains are scalable too.


Advantages for doing Coop (v1.0):

  • Regular drops are split drops (duped). You can multi farm basic droppable items, like meat and ores.
  • Mini-Bosses and regular monsters can be farmed on each world to "lower" respawn times.
  • Combined firepower result in way higher bosskills, since the boss will still focus only one player.
  • One player can take the role of the full-time healer.


  • The main questline as well as Stromterror cannot be played in co-op Mode.
  • You cannot craft, talk to NPC or activate new Statue of the Seven.
  • Only the host can loot his chests.
  • One time loot is "shared" and can be stolen, for example fruits, single entities (frog, butterfly etc.)