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Character System

Genshin Impact is based on an active party setup mechanic, where you can control one character at time and can have up to 3 other characters in the current team to switch to in single player mode.

The party setup itself has no restrictions on the number of 4 or 5 star ranked characters that can be in the same party at a time. The characters themselves can be seperated into Weapon and Vision (element) types. Having a good mix of vision and weapon wielders is always a good choice to make.

It is useful to keep an eye on the elemental bonus system.



Starting with Genshin Impact, it is important to know that Character EXP scrolls and Mora will become very valuable after hitting Adventure Rank 35 and higher. So try to focus on one main setup and one functional backup setup for the Spiral Abyss.

Once you've decided on your damage carry character, try to level it, including the weapon for the maximum available character level, while focusing on support characters focus on a HP and substat pool that keeps the team functional.

The main focus, especially for a free to play player, is not to switch mainsetups too often in the first weeks, since leveling up multiple characters at a time will probably break your game progression with you not having enough damage output.

Basic Attacks

All characters have a fast and charged attack pattern, which can be mostly activated by repeatedly pressing the attack or holding the attack button.

It might be useful to analyze some charged patterns (melee) to interrupt and restart a pattern with a dash to deal higher damage. Diluc is one example.


Talents are character skills in Genshin Impact. Each character has their own set of unique talents that can be unlocked and leveled up to strengthen the character.

Talents are divided into combat (active) talent and passive talent.


Constellations are the character progression system within Genshin Impact.

Every character has it's own star constellation, which unlocks passives or extended skill mechanics.

Each character's constellation consist of 6 stars and in order to unlock these, you will require Stella Fortuna of said character. In order to obtain Stella Fortuna, you need to get a duplicate of the character.

Character Stats

Unlike miHoYo's previous game, Honkai Impact, the elemental damage in Genshin Impact can crit. So there are always 3 viable mainbuild styles:

  • The physical damage dealer
  • The elemental reaction main damage dealer
  • The elemental reaction buffer

Depending on which role the character plays, you can focus on different stats.