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Battle Pass

One of the features included in the game is a "Battle Pass" (BP), that unlocks once you reach Adventure Rank 20. This pass provides rewards at level thresholds for completing daily/weekly/BP period tasks, which each refresh after their respective periods. The Battle Pass is seasonal, lasting roughly 40 days, and also includes the option of a paid subscription to receive an additional tier of rewards, currency, and equipment drops.



There are two choices for purchase for the Battle Pass:

Gnostic Hymn which is $9.99 USD.

  • This includes all premium content from the pass, provided you reach the maximum level.

Gnostic Chorus which is $19.99 USD.

  • This includes all premium content from the pass, provided you reach the maximum level, immediately advances you to BP Lvl 10, the "Travel Notes - Catch the Wind" namecard style, and 5 Fragile Resin.

Current Free Pass

  • 855,000 Character EXP (Adventurer's Experience & Hero's Wit)
  • 960,000 Weapon EXP (Mysitc Enhancement Ore)
  • 720,000 Mora
  • 5 Acquaint Fate (Standard Summons on Gacha)

Current Paid Pass

(including the sums from the Free Pass)

  • 3,375,000 Character EXP (Adventurer's Experience & Hero's Wit)
  • 3,840,000 Weapon EXP (Mystic Enhancement Ore)
  • 2,880,000 Mora
  • 5 Acquaint Fate (Standard Summons on Gacha)
  • 4 Intertwined Fate (Limited Summons on Gacha)
  • 9 boxes with skill up material (rare in game, worth a lot of time and resin, especially the lvl 45 and lvl 50 ones that contain 4 star material)
  • 680 Primogems
  • One 4 star Weapon of your choice from the following:

Daily / Weekly / BP Period Missions

After unlocking the seasonal Battle Pass, you will get dailies, weeklies, and seasonal missons to fulfill, which will grant you with BP EXP. Some of these have some irritating tasks, so here are some hints:

  • Exhausting all your resin in the morning/earlier in the day will grant enough time for your resin to recharge enough to complete the 150 resin use daily easily. This also will help getting towards the weekly "Use a total of 1600 resin", however to meet this you will need to use 230 resin (nearly twice the daily limit) every day, as well as the monthly "Use a total of 5500 resin" which requires you to use 140 resin each day.
  • Expedition mining counts towards your "Mine 10 items" daily objective, so setting a 12 hour expedition the night before will partially/completely fulfill this for you.
  • There is a list of items below which count as Monstadt/Liyue specialties to meet the 100 of each weeklies.
  • Forge several enhancement ore every day to meet the "Forge 20 items" weekly easily.

Trounce Blossoms

A Trounce Blossom is the flower which appears after defeating an Hypostasis cube, Oceanid, or a Regisvine.

Mondstadt Specialities

  • Calla Lily
  • Cecilia
  • Dandelion Seed
  • Philanemo Mushrooms
  • Valberry
  • Windwheel Aster
  • Wolfhook

Liyue Specialitites

  • Cor Lapis
  • Glaze Lily
  • Jueyun Chili
  • Noctilucous Jade
  • Silk Flower
  • Starconch
  • Qingxin