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Battle Pass

One of the features included in the game is a "Battle Pass" (BP), that unlocks once you reach Adventure Rank 20. This pass provides rewards at level thresholds for completing daily/weekly/BP period tasks, which each refresh after their respective periods. The Battle Pass is seasonal, lasting roughly 40 days, and also includes the option of a paid subscription to receive an additional tier of rewards, currency, and equipment drops.



There are two choices for purchase for the Battle Pass:

Gnostic Hymn which is $9.99 USD.

  • This includes all premium content from the pass, provided you reach the maximum level.

Gnostic Chorus which is $19.99 USD.

  • This includes all premium content from the pass, provided you reach the maximum level, immediately advances you to BP Lvl 10, a new "Travel Notes" namecard style, a purple grade Furnishing Blueprint, and 5 Fragile Resin.

Current Free Pass

  • 855,000 Character EXP (Adventurer's Experience & Hero's Wit)
  • 960,000 Weapon EXP (Mysitc Enhancement Ore)
  • 720,000 Mora
  • 5 Fragile Resin
  • 5 Acquaint Fate (Standard Summons on Gacha)

Current Paid Pass

(including the sums from the Free Pass)

  • 3,375,000 Character EXP (Adventurer's Experience & Hero's Wit)
  • 3,840,000 Weapon EXP (Mystic Enhancement Ore)
  • 2,880,000 Mora
  • 10 Fragile Resin
  • 5 Acquaint Fate (Standard Summons on Gacha)
  • 4 Intertwined Fate (Limited Summons on Gacha)
  • 9 boxes with skill up material (rare in game, worth a lot of time and resin, especially the lvl 45 and lvl 50 ones that contain 4 star material)
  • 680 Primogems
  • One 4 star Weapon of your choice from the following:

Daily / Weekly / BP Period Missions

After unlocking the seasonal Battle Pass, you will get dailies, weeklies, and seasonal missons to fulfill, which will grant you with BP EXP. 

Daily Mission

  • Log  in
  • Complete 4 Daily Commissions
  • Mine 10 items (Expedition mining counts towards your "Mine 10 items" daily objective, so setting a 12 hour expedition the night before will partially/completely fulfill this for you.)
  • Use a total of 150 Original Resin

Weekly Missions

  • Use a total of 1200 Original Resin
  • Complete Ley Line deposit challenges 20 times
  • Purchase 2 items from the Teapot Traveling Salesman in another player's Serenitea Pot (Can be done Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Defeat boss opponents 10 times
  • Spend a total of 500,000 Mora
  • Complete 15 Domain Challenges
  • Cook 20 dishes
  • Forge 20 items (Forge several enhancement ore every day to meet the "Forge 20 items" weekly easily.)
  • Complete 3 Requests
  • Complete 3 Bounties
  • Obtain a total of 1,000 Realm Currency
  • Create a total of 10 furnishings
  • Complete Trounce Domains or the Dominator of Wolves challange 3 times

Seasonal (This BP Period)
More missions get included over the Battle Pass period such as Events and etc.

  • Make a totalt of 50 wishes
  • Gain a total of 12 stars in the Spiral Abyss

Trounce Blossoms

A Trounce Blossom is the flower which appears after defeating monsters from a Ley Line deposit (Yellow or Blue) or from Bosses.

Mondstadt Specialities

  • Calla Lily
  • Cecilia
  • Dandelion Seed
  • Philanemo Mushrooms
  • Valberry
  • Windwheel Aster
  • Wolfhook

Liyue Specialitites

  • Cor Lapis
  • Glaze Lily
  • Jueyun Chili
  • Noctilucous Jade
  • Silk Flower
  • Starconch
  • Qingxin