Wanmin Restaurant

A famous restaurant known in Chihu Rock. Some say that the goal of this restaurant is to keep everyone on earth well fed, while others believe that it strives to unify all the regional cuisines of the world. Either way, with its unique dishes, Wanmin Restaurant is surely a place worth visiting. If you really don't have time, why not grab some takeout?

Owned by Chef Mao, Xiangling's father. 

Wanmin Restaurant (Chinese: 万民堂 Wànmín-táng) is a shop that can be found in Liyue Harbor. They sell simple Food, Cooking Ingredients, and Cooking recipes.

The Food and Cooking Ingredient stocks refresh on daily reset at different times, depending on the item. Recipes do not restock.
Once players reach Reputation Rank 4 in Liyue, a 10% discount will be permanently available.

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