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A Vision is a gift bestowed upon those who dwell in Teyvat and are recognized by the gods. They grant the user elemental abilities based on the element of their given Vision. It is said that those with Visions have a chance of ascending to Celestia and attaining godhood themselves. Wielders of Visions are called allogenes, though this is not a widely known term.

In the upper left corner of the character screen, there is an icon that represents a playable character's Vision, with their element denoted by the gem and their associated nation denoted by the decorative design around the gem, even for the characters that do not use Visions and characters with non-standard Vision designs.

Visions are items that characters carry on their person. These objects take the form of glowing gems with the respective element's symbol in the center. To current knowledge, Visions cannot be destroyed. After a Vision wielder's passing, their Vision will deactivate, losing its color and rendering it unusable unless it is reactivated.
There are no known cases of Vision wielders who have more than one Vision, although they may temporarily reactivate a Masterless Vision and use it alongside their own Vision under certain circumstances.

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