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Sakoku Decree

The Sakoku Decree was an order issued by Raiden Ei's puppet, the Shogun, to shut down the borders of Inazuma as part of the Vision Hunt Decree.
People who want to leave or enter Inazuma legally must pass the strict assessments conducted by the Kanjou Commission to obtain permission. Those who are not Inazuman cannot leave Ritou without a Travel Permit as a result. However, such restrictions do not apply to the Fatui, since they are able to enter and exit Inazuma freely due to their diplomatic immunity.

To enforce the Sakoku Decree, the Shogun surrounded Inazuma with a storm barrier. The storm barrier is encountered in-game as A Nation Closed by Thunder.

Although the Vision Hunt Decree has been abolished, the Sakoku Decree has not followed suit yet. However, the restrictions placed upon foreigners have been relaxed, and the decree is expected to be lifted very soon.