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Qingyun Peak

Qingyun Peak (Chinese: 庆云顶 Qìngyún-dǐng) is a subarea in Minlin, Liyue. It is the home of the adeptus Moon Carver.
Notably, the Dwelling in the Clouds a small floating island high above this mountain can be reached by completing a puzzle.
It was created by Cloud Retainer at an unknown point in the past.

From Qingyun Peak's waypoint, walk up the stone steps to reach the monument at the top. The description reads:

  1. Read: "The one who may ascend is the one who kowtows atop the three mountains. The sun, moon, and stars shall each shine, and auspicious signs shall be sent by the three divine birds."
  2. If you "Observe Strange Light", light trails will appear, directing you to the crane statue. From the peak, the crane statues will also visibly sparkle.
  3. At each crane statue, "Rotate" them until they are facing the monument. When the statues are in their correct positions, a cutscene will occur.
  4. After all three cranes are correctly positioned, return to the monument and "Activate" it. This creates a wind current; jumping up reveals three plaustrite platform steps and another wind current, which then reveals another four steps before reaching the Dwelling in the Clouds.