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Nameless bard

The nameless bard was a boy who lived in Old Mondstadt 2,600 years ago, during the time of Decarabian's reign.
He befriended the wind spirit who would eventually become Barbatos, the Anemo Archon of The Seven.
Trapped within the Lord of the Tower's storm wall, he yearned to see the world beyond it and bonded with the nameless wisp of wind that would become Barbatos. The nameless bard led the rebellion against Decarabian with the help of the wind spirit, Decarabian's former lover Amos, a knight, and a red-haired warrior.

The rebellion succeeded and slew Decarabian.
However, Amos and the bard were mortally wounded in battle and never got the chance to see the world beyond the tower's walls; the bard lived long enough to see Decarabian's fall, propped up in the red-haired warrior's arms with the wind spirit by his side. After the bard died, the wind spirit ascended to become Barbatos.

Barbatos' first use of his powers was to create a vessel, Venti, in the nameless bard's image to pay homage to him and live in the world he never had the chance to see.

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