Players are able to send characters on Expeditions to gather materials or Mora.
The Expedition system is unlocked at Adventure Rank 14 and can be accessed by speaking to Katheryne at any branch of the Adventurers Guild.
Any character besides the Traveler (Lumine/Aether) can be dispatched on an expedition for 4, 8, 12, or 20 hours to return with rewards.
The character is dispatched in name only; they will still be usable on the field. The type of rewards is determined by where the character is sent, but the amount of each resource received may vary slightly.

  • A player can recall a character from an expedition at the Adventurer's Guild, but this will forfeit any rewards that would have been granted.
  • When Expeditions are first unlocked, players can only send two characters on expeditions at once. 
  • By raising their Adventure Rank, they can increase the Exp edition limit cap, which increases the number of characters that can be sent out at once.
  • Characters that are K.O cannot be sent on expeditions until they are revived.