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Cloud Retainer

Cloud Retainer (Chinese: 留云借风真君 Liúyún Jièfēng Zhēnjūn) is an adeptus who dwells in her abode on Mt.Aocang, Liyue.

Is one of Morax's old allies, having been friends with him and Guizhong while the latter was still alive. Retainer and Guizhong had a shared interested in mechanics and were compatriots in their research in the subject, though Guizhong eventually perished during the Archon War in the same battle that led to the fall of the Guili Assembly.

At some point in time, Cloud Retainer built the Dwelling in the Clouds above Qingyun Peak. Also notable is that unlike her fellow adeptus Mountain Shaper's domain, which is sealed by a large adeptal talisman, the door to Cloud Retainer's abode is identical to other domains found throughout Teyvat.

  • She is a quest exclusive NPC seen in Archon Quests, Story Quests, and World Quests
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