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Allogenes are humans who possess Visions, enabling them to focus their mental energy so that they can use the elemental powers of their Vision
Being an allogene also makes a person capable of ascending to Celestia and becoming a god.

The term "allogenes" is unheard of among the people of Teyvat and is a secret only privy to the gods. However, Venti introduces the term to the Traveler at Windrise by the oak tree where Vennessa is said to have ascended.
When an allogene dies, their Vision loses power, its glow disappearing and leaving a glassy gem. Sometimes, these inactive Visions will resonate with a new person and become active again.

  • It is unknown whether being an allogene is a requirement for ascending to Celestia, or whether that simply raises their likelihood of ascending.
See also: Adepti, Archon