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Abyss Order

The Abyss Order (Chinese: 深渊教团 Shēnyuān Jiāotuán) is a mysterious, but powerful legion of monsters from the Abyss who are the enemies of humanity and surface civilization, thrive in many corners of Teyvat. 
Because most members of the Abyss Order reside in the Abyss, little is actually known about them by Teyvat at-large, other than that they hold a strong hatred against humans and desire to overthrow the world ruled by the Archons.

It is currently known to be run by one of the protagonists (Aether / Lumine), whose allies are the Hilichurls.
The Abyss Mages, Abyss Heralds, and Ruin Machines are among the few known types of monsters that are confirmed to be a part of the Abyss Order so far. 

They are one of the main antagonistic factions in Genshin Impact.

If you want to take a look at the mentioned allies, take a look at the enemies.

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