Spiral abyss is located at Musk Reef island. You can easily access Musk Reef Island by using warp point at Cape Oath.


When you challenging a floor, you cannot:

  • Consume food or other such items.
  • Change party member.
  • Change artifacts or weapons.
  • Level up or ascend characters.

Ley Line Disorders

Each floor in the Spiral Abyss have different buff or debuffs that can affect your character, enemy, or both. In order to complete the challenge more easily, always take ley lines disoder into consideration when assemble teams to challenge a floor.

Blessings of the Abyssal Moon

Spiral abyss provide buffs to assist player in battle.called Blessings of the Abyssal Moon

Buffs varies in effect and take effect on all floor. The buffs also change monthly on the first day of each month.


Spiral abyss also provide another form of buffs called benediction

At the start of each chamber, you can choose one between the benediction offered. The buffs varies in effect and come in specific duration:

  • Effective this floor: Effect last until entering next floor.
  • Effective this chamber: Effect last until entering next chamber.
  • Effective immediately Effect start immediately.

Choosing right benediction can help you clear challenge easily to gain more stars.