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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Genshin Impact a full-priced game?
No, right now, the official statement is that the game will be free to play. The Final Closed Beta introduced a payment Gacha system.

What type of game is Genshin Impact?
Genshin impact is an Action Role Play Game (ARPG) with a cooperative mode (4p). It is not a MMORPG. Right now, there are no lobbys.

Does Genshin Impact has multiplayer functionaily?
Yes, up to 4 players. One has to be the host, there are no server sided lobbys/worlds.

Can the game be played offline?
No, as far as we know, this is a always online game.

On which platform will Genshin Impact be released?
So far, following systems has been announced: PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Google Android and Apple iOS.
Note that Nintendo Switch won't be included on release at 28th September 2020.

What are the smartphone requirements for Genshin Impact?
The official requirements are Snapdragon 845 or Kirin 980 SoC or higher on Android and iPhone Model 7 or higher.
There are reports that it is smoothly playable on semi-medium a Snapdragon 730G. The performance on a Snapdragon 660 is very poor on low, but playable.
You can check out our community list for Android devices.

What are the Genshin Impact PC system requirements?
The official recommendation is a Intel i5 with 8GB RAM and a GTX 1050.
The information by the community is that the game runs smooth on most PCs with modern Dual-Core and a GeForce 760 (desktop) or GeForce 840M (mobile) as well as Radeon 7850 or higher.

Is the game playable with a controller on the PC version?
Yes, the game has official controller support (PS4, XBox)

Is cross-play available?
Yes. all platforms support crossplay.

Is cross-save available?
Yes, for all platforms PC/PS4/Android/iOS. 

Do PlayStation 4 players require PS Plus to play?
No. Genshin Impact does not require PS Plus to run on PlayStation.

How many playable characters are available?
The first announcement said there will be around 30 playable characters. As we currently know, that there will be many, many more... ;)

What language will the game be in?
The official dub will include: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English
The official sub will include: Chinese, English, French, German. Indonesian, Korean, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

Will the game be monetized?
Yes. Genshin Impact is a "Gacha Game" which is a Loot Box System. Read more about the Gacha Rates here.

Does a official Discord exist?
Yes. https://discord.gg/GenshinImpact

Are there any connections between miHoYo's Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact?
We don't know yet. Previous games by miHoYo had multiverse characters but no real connection between them.
Update: miHoYo announced that there will be cross game references between Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact.

Who is the developer of the game?
The is developed by miHoYo Co. Ltd. and is based in Shanghai, China. They are also known for Houkai Gakuen and Honkai Impact.

Is Paimon edible?

Is this database official?
No, this is a fan project. Read more about it here.