Latest Game Events

Energy Amplifier Initiation

Duration: 30th Apr 21 - 16th May 21 | Read More

Official miHoYo post: Here

Event Guidelines

In an effort to gather and research Irminsul Fruit Fragments, Sumeru researcher Hosseini has entrusted a mysterious ancient relic to you for a time: the Energy Amplifier. Help Hosseini to gather Irminsul Fruit Fragments and unleash their
power with the Energy Amplifier. During the event period, challenge Places of Interest, Domains, and Twisted Realms to obtain Fractured Fruit Data, which can be used to exchange for items in the event…

To the Stars Once More

Duration: 28th Apr 21 - 17th May 21 | Read More

You can see the official post for this event here!

In order to take part in this event:

  1. AR10+ (Returning and Active)
  2. 14 days+ since last login to Genshin (Returning)
  3. Stellar Reunion event was last used 45 days+ ago (Returning)

The link to the event is here (for pc!). You can also use my invite link here to help gain rewards!

Log into the web page to complete tasks and claim Exploration Energy to obtain Exploration Gift Vouchers, Genshin Impact merch, Hero's Wit and more…

Hilidream Camp

Duration: 21st Apr 21 - 27th Apr 21 | Read More

A new web event for AR10+ has arrived, you can read the official news post here!

Through earning furniture in this web event, you can earn real in-game furniture and primogems for your account:

  • 120x Primogems
  • "Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails" furnishing
  • "Cloudy Haze Bed" furnishing

Your attempts refresh daily, with the first attempt taking no time, second 1 minute, and third attempt onwards three minutes. The timer will continue if you leave the page!

You can play h…

Marvelous Merchandise

Duration: 16th Apr 21 - 22nd Apr 21 | Read More

The Marvelous Merchandise event is back from 16th April!

Once again you can look around Teyvat to find the travelling merchant Liben. If you give him the materials he wants, you can open up one of his boxes.

You are able to preview the contents before you choose, and you may enter other players' worlds in order to choose one of their boxes instead! The boxes contain the following:

Wishful Drops

Duration: 9th Apr 21 - 16th Apr 21 | Read More

A new event for AR20+ is here, which gives a new pet as one of the rewards! You can see the official news post here.

Endora's Education

In order to start the event you have to complete the quest "Life Flows On (I)", which will give you the gadget "Inquisitive Endora". During the course of the event, new areas will unlock after certain time periods, and the Inquisitive Endora can only be summoned in these event areas.

While you have Endora equipped, all character's Elemental…