Latest Game Events

Theater Mechanicus

Duration: 10th Feb 21 - | Read More

You can view the official post, which has additional screenshots and detail on the event here! There is also an additional guide post here!

Once you've unlocked the required steps from the Lantern Rite, this event will unlock.

There are 6 stages to this event! Each stage is of a higher difficulty, raising the max level of Mechanici, and increases the max limit of Veneficus Sigils you can own.

There is also the Theater Mechanicus challenge that consists of 8 levels. The higher…

Lantern Rite

Duration: 10th Feb 21 - 28th Feb 21 | Read More

You can read the official notice for the event here!

In order to participate in this event, you must be at least AR23, and have completed Xiao's story quest "Alatus Chapter". During this event, "Alatus Chapter" will not require a Story Key to accept.

The event will have 3 quests that are time locked during the event, all running until the 28th February:

  • The Origin of the Lanterns - unlocks 10th February
  • Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns - unlocks 14th February
  • Light Upon…

Five Flushes of Fortune

Duration: 3rd Feb 21 - 10th Feb 21 | Read More

From the launch of 1.3 you can now claim a Kurious Kamera from Ji Tong at the entrance to Liyue harbour to start the quest "Kurious Kamera". Equip the Kamera and take pictures of specific targets to obtain different color photos.

Once you have all five, you can exchange them for a Fortune Trove in order to obtain the following rewards:

You can do this a total of 8 times, for…

Marvelous Merchandise

Duration: 23rd Jan 21 - 30th Jan 21 | Read More

The Marvelous Merchandise event is back from 23rd January!

Once again you can look around Teyvat to find the travelling merchant Liben. If you give him the materials he wants, you can open up one of his boxes.

You are able to preview the contents before you choose, and you may enter other players' worlds in order to choose one of their boxes instead! The boxes contain the following:

Slime Paradise

Duration: 22nd Jan 21 - 30th Jan 21 | Read More

You can participate in this event here!

In this event you run a park designed to attract slimes, by buying decorations and arranging them in the park. Certain decorations will attract certain slimes to move in, and decorations will generate the Ticket currency for you each day - it's a good idea to start today to keep up!

Paradise Coins are earnable by completing daily tasks, which you can then use to purchase more decorations. Paradise Tickets are earned by completeing event…