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Latest Game Events

Vishaps and Where to Find Them

Duration: 5th Mar 21 - 12th Mar 21 | Read More

Talk to Katherine in Liyue to start these expedition events!

You can read the official news post here.

Characters cannot be simultaneously dispatched to both regular expeditions and "Vishaps and Where to Find Them" event expeditions - so plan accordingly!

Ley Line Overflow

Duration: 26th Feb 21 - 5th Mar 21 | Read More

Completing a Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation challenge during this event will net you double the rewards! You can receive this bonus 3 times a day, essentially giving you 60 extra resin a day.

Night Sky's Grace

Duration: 26th Feb 21 - 2nd Mar 21 | Read More

As an end of event reward, log in before the end of the 1.3 patch from 26th February to receive the following rewards:

May Fortune Find You

Duration: 11th Feb 21 - 26th Feb 21 | Read More

Log in for seven days during the event to obtain 10x Intertwined Fate and other rewards!

Theater Mechanicus

Duration: 10th Feb 21 - | Read More

You can view the official post, which has additional screenshots and detail on the event here! There is also an additional guide post here!

Once you've unlocked the required steps from the Lantern Rite, this event will unlock.

There are 6 stages to this event! Each stage is of a higher difficulty, raising the max level of Mechanici, and increases the max limit of Veneficus Sigils you can own.

There is also the Theater Mechanicus challenge that consists of 8 levels. The higher…