Wishful Drops

Event Duration: 09 April - 16 April 2021

Event Information

A new event for AR20+ is here, which gives a new pet as one of the rewards! You can see the official news post here.

Endora's Education

In order to start the event you have to complete the quest "Life Flows On (I)", which will give you the gadget "Inquisitive Endora". During the course of the event, new areas will unlock after certain time periods, and the Inquisitive Endora can only be summoned in these event areas.

While you have Endora equipped, all character's Elemental Skills abilities are replaced with Endora's Bubble Spit when you activate it with Z/your item button. You can use Bubble Spit to capture water enemies, which will increase your exploration progress - killing the enemies will not increase your progress! You can use elements such as Cryo to hold an enemy in place to make them easier to capture, i.e. you can capture them still even if they are hurt.

When you complete an exploration area, you will receive a "Heart of the Spring" which can be used to claim rewards from Rhodeia's Rage below.

Rhodeia's Rage

In the Oceanid's arena you will have the option to take this challenge instead, which includes new attacks for Rhodeia and the environmental effect of Fitful Rapids that you can use to avoid attacks. Pausing and teleporting is disabled while you're participating in this event.

You will be able to obtain Char EXP items for this event.

The following characters will have a 30%+ Hydro Res and 30%+ Energy Recharge: