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Event Duration: 15 September - 26 September 2022

Event Information

Assist Hajanad in her research and take advantage of "Remelting Effects" during combat. Complete the corresponding trials and quests to obtain rewards such as the Furnishing "Cauldron of Herbs," Primogems, and Talent Level-Up Materials.

Event Details

From the first day of the event, a new challenge will unlock every 2 days. A total of 4 challenges will be unlocked.

During each challenge, you can use characters provided by the event or your own to complete 3 consecutive combat rounds.

Using the "Remelting Device" to trigger "Remelting Effects" can randomly activate one or more buffs for a short period of time, providing tremendous support during combat.

Travelers need to complete the quest "Controllable Explosion" in order to obtain the Furnishing "Cauldron of Herbs."