Strategy Guides Contest

Event Duration: 05 January - 14 February 2022

Event Information

How to Participate

During the event, you can post your submissions that meet the event criteria through the Event Details page, and you will be considered a successful participant..

P.S. For this Strategy Guides Contest, guides that are related to new events and new characters with [Version 2.4] in the title and published with the topic hashtag #gameguides will gain more attention~

Event Rewards

Gold (5 Winners)

Primogems ×6,000 + 100 USD

Silver (10 Winners)

Primogems ×2,000 + 25 USD

Bronze (20 Winners)

Primogems ×1,000 + 15 USD

Judging Rules

1. The evaluation will be carried out by the official organizers.

2. The official organizers will assess the strategy guides that meet the criteria on the basis of their timeliness, completeness, objectivity, clarity of explanation, applicability, composition, and layout.

3. The list of winners will be compiled and posted as an official announcement by the organizing team after the end of the event. Winners are required to fill in the address in the link provided in the notification message for prize distribution after receiving the prize notification. If the address is not filled in after the deadline, the winner will be deemed to have forfeited their eligibility for the prize and no replacement will be given.

Event Duration

Submission Period: January 5, 2022 – February 13, 2022 23:59 (UTC+8)

Judging Period: February 14, 2022 – March 13, 2022 (UTC+8)

Results Announcement: After March 14, 2022 (UTC+8)

Primogem rewards will be issued within 45 business days of the results being announced.

The cash prizes will be sent to winners' PayPal accounts within 45 business days of announcing the winners.

Works Criteria

I. Submission Criteria

Entries must be posted through the Event Details page during the submission period (January 5, 2022 – February 13, 2022 at 23:59 (UTC+8)). Entries posted after the deadline or posted anywhere other than on the Event Details page will not be considered.

II. Content Criteria

1. The guide should be rich in content and contain various images. They must include at least 5 images (each must not exceed 20 MB).

*Note: A maximum of 100 images can be displayed in a single post.

2. The main content of the submitted guide that meets the criteria must match its title. The content should be laid out in a clear and logical manner and should not contain any major errors. Any form of copying or plagiarism is prohibited.

3. Entries may contain GIFs or videos to make the guide more interesting. Submissions with quality GIFs and videos may earn bonus points!

Note: If a video that is longer than 3 minutes and contains voice or text commentary is inserted in the post, the requirement of at least 5 images for a post is no longer applicable. The content of the video must be original and its description on YouTube must indicate "This video was made for the HoYoLAB Strategy Guides Contest, here is the link of the post: ...". Please include the link to your post in the video description, otherwise the video will be deemed as misappropriated work.

III. Other Criteria

1. Your guide must not contain fan art created by a third party. Such publications will be deleted. You may only use official images or screenshots from the game to illustrate your guide.

2. Any misappropriation of another person's work is strictly prohibited. Posts that have been reported and proven to contain plagiarized or copied content will be removed immediately. Users who have violated the rules will be permanently banned from participating in future events.

3. Entries containing content that violates the rules of the community will be handled in accordance with the Community Rules.

Other Details

1. By participating in this event, users grant miHoYo the right to distribute the content of their strategy guide online or offline. The Genshin Impact team may publish some outstanding works on HoYoLAB from time to time, adding them to the featured posts and recommendations on the home page. Featured or recommended works are not related to event prizes. The issuance of rewards is based on the final evaluation results. The content creators retain the right to include their names in their guides.

2. Each participant can submit multiple strategy guides, but only one prize will be awarded per person. In the event that the same strategy guide wins more than one prize, only the highest prize will be awarded.

3. The criteria for submissions and other criteria may be supplemented in the case of disruptive actions to the community or unfair submissions. In this case, these additions to the criteria will be applicable to all entries submitted prior to the supplementation.