Spices From the West

Event Duration: 14 May - 07 June 2022

Event Information

The new event "Spices From the West" is about to begin!

A certain lady from Sumeru has come all this way to Liyue to conduct a certain brand of research. Help her complete this research, and fine rewards shall be yours...

Event Duration

2022/05/14 10:00 — 2022/06/07 03:59 (Server Time)


Reach Adventure Rank 20 or above to create seasonings

Reach Adventure Rank 28 or above and complete the quest "Idle Teapot Talk" to cook the corresponding dishes and invite characters to taste-test

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Summary

  1. Prepare ingredients according to the recipes to create "Fragrant Seasonings"
  2. Add gthem to "Delicious" dishes to obtain "Fragrant" dishes
  3. Invite characters in your Serenitea Pot to try your Fragrantd Dish and increase their Companionship EXP.

Reach a certain number of recipes created and taste-testing invitations to claim the event rewards.

Create Seasoning

A new sesaoning recipe will unlock each day in the first 7 days of the event. Gather the ingredients to enter the Creation Screen.

When you begin making the seasonings, the needle on the slider will move back and forth edge to edge. Travelers need to add the ingredients in the order given in the recipe and click the spoon button as the needle points to the corresponding ingredient to add them in the pot.

The number of remaining attempts will decrease by 1 each time the needle reaches either end of the slider, or when you add a wrong ingredient. Travelers need to add the ingredients in the correct order before using all remaining attempts or the seasoning creation will fail.

Successfully prepare a recipe to obtain Fragrant Seasoning. When you a certain number of recipe preparation attempts and successes, you can obtain Primogems, Character EXP Materials, Weapon Ascension Materials, Mora and other rewards.

Use Seasoning

Unlock Serenitea Pot and complete "Idle Teapot Talk" to access the "Use Seasoning" interface to make dishes.

Use Fragrant Seasoning x1 an dDelicous Dish x1 to create Fragrant Dish x1.

Invite characters to taste-test the Fragrant Dishes in your Serenitea Pot to increase their Companionship EXP and also hear their responses, which will vary based on the character's preferences.

Reach a certain number of taste-testing invitations to claim Mystic Enhancement Ore, Weapon Ascension Materials, and other rewards.


  1. if the maintenance of Serenitea Pot Placement Function has ended during the event, Travelers can invite companions who are resting into the Serenitea Pot and invite them to try out food.
  2. Each time you unlock a new recipe, the cap on the number of times you can gain Companionship EXP is increased by 3. You can gain Companionship EXP 21 times during the event via taste-testing invitations. You can view the number of times Companionship EXP has been earned on the event page.
  3. Fragrant Seasonings and Fragrant Dishes will expire after 2022/06/07 03:59 (Server Time). Remember to use them before they are gone!