Get Ready for the Road

Event Duration: 10 September - 10 October 2020

Event Information

Special Event to obtain a 4* weapon, rare artifact or other item for the game launch!

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Official Event Link:

Note: This event is only for PC and Mobile users.

Event Guide and Tips

The maingoal of this event is to gather some starter items for the game launch on 28th September.

You can have items with a total weight of 16 in you backpack with the loot tier rated as following:

A = 10 / B = 6 / C = 4 / D = 3 / F = 2

By hitting the 25 flips/tickets you will be guaranteed to pick one of the A-Tier weapons, but the best combo for some extradamage is to get and pick the Gladiator 2-piece set.

You can check out Majesty's Guide here: Ready for the Road Guide