Fayz Trials

Event Duration: 08 September - 26 September 2022

Event Information

Use Fayz Potion and enter Time Dilation mode to spot your opponent's Weaknesses and help the Sumeru researcher complete his research

Gameplay Details

Visit Jami in Sumeru to complete the quest and head to the Fayz Trial Facility to begin the challenge.

During the challenges, you may only use the specific trial characters provided. Different charactes will be available for us in different trials, and Elemental Resonances will not be activated.

Obtain Fayz Tinctures as time passes and by defeating enemies. Accumulate Fayz Tinctures and use the Fayz Potion to enter Time Dilation mode.

Time Dilation

In this state, both your character and enemies are immobile. You can use your Viewfinder to capture your opponent's weaknesses and release a Supersense Skill once you have accumulated enough Weaknesses.

You can also zoom in and out whth the Viewfinder or move it around to capture more Weaknesses.

Different opponents have a different amount of Wekenesses on them. Some have Golden Critical Weaknesses. The buffs then obtained equals spotting two normal Weaknesses.

After spotting over 8 Weaknesses, you can unleash a buffed Supersense Skill.

You can accumulate up to 3 uses of the Fayz Potion at any one time.

If you leave Time Dllation mode without spotting any Weaknesses, you will not expend any Fayz Potions.