Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars

Event Duration: 29 December - 10 January 2022

Event Information

Dear Travelers, the "Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars" web event is now available. Participate to light up the snow-capped mountains and earn Primogems.

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Event Duration
2021/12/29 11:00 – 2022/01/09 23:59  (UTC+8)

Event Rules

Participate in the web event, select the region, an "Alps Illumination Representative," and make your own illumination souvenir card. When the number of participants in the event hit three milestones of reaching 300,000, 600,000, and 1 million, three types of reward packs, including Goulash ×3, Mora ×20,000, and Primogems ×30 respectively will unlock in sequence as these milestones are reached (each reward pack is limited to 3 million in quantity, get them before they run out!).
At the same time, we will draw lucky players' souvenir cards and hang them on the top of the Alps!

Moreover, when the number of participants reaches 1 million, the official team will light up the Teleport Waypoint on the Alps in mid-January and present a wonderful live show for everyone!

Hurry, invite some friends to participate!

#LightUpTheAlps #GenshinImpact