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Core of the Apparatus

Event Duration: 29 June - 11 July 2022

Event Information

Gameplay Overview

Help Bertrand who tries to build a toymaking business in Inazuma. After completing all three processes "Source Material Collection", "Elemental Charge" and "Core Activation", you can start making toys.

Quest Creations

You will receive the "Material Collector" gadget to gather resources needed to make toys.

  1. Source Material Collection: collect materials in the open world to increase your progress and enter the next process
  2. Elemental Charge: go to the indicated place to get affected by the required element and charge your Material Collecctor
  3. Core Activation: defeat designated enemies to activate the core and finally start making toys with Bertrand

Freestyle Creations

After finishing your first toy, Bertrand's toy shop business will open and the procedures and your Material Collector will be improved.

  1. Source Material Collection: collect ores, flowers or fruits
  2. Elemental Charge: be affected by Pyro, Hydro or electro for 15s to complete this process
  3. Core Activation: defeat elemental creatures to activate the core

After completing these steps, visit Bertrand to make robotic furnishings.

Event Rewards

Complete the event and challenge quests to obtain Primogems, Hero's Wit, Weapon Ascension Materials, Mora and other rewards.

You can use redemption vouchers up to 4 times to exchange them for robotic furnishings.