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Latest Game Events

Overflowing Mastery

Duration: 15th May 23 - 22nd May 23 | Read More

Consume Original Resin while getting double rewards for clearing a Talent Level-Up domain up to 3 times!

The Recollector's Path

Duration: 8th May 23 - 22nd May 23 | Read More

Clear trials to unlock rewards! There are three types of trials:

  • Tranquil Trail: Use the power of Nirodha Fruits to activate Curios and repel the uninvited guests invading the Vourukasha Oasis
  • Intrepid Impulse: Sorush must reach her destination within the time limit
  • Reinforced Reminiscence: Discover sites of important memories and restore a scene of significance

Event rewards

In this event, you can get Primogems, Hero's Wit, Weapon Ascension Materials, Mystic Enhancement…

A Parade of Providence

Duration: 27th Apr 23 - 15th May 23 | Read More

This event features 6 game modes. Complete them to get Gala Excitement. After earning enough, you can invite "Enigmatic Machinist" Faruzan!

Gathering of Stars

Rotate the Artisan Astrolabe or adjust the height to reproduce the designated pattern

Project Connectivity

This mode is split in two parts: Construction Mode and Test Mode

In Construction Mode, you have to use the least amount of Construction Points to build a path that has to lead to the destination while passing by…

Fulminating Sandstorm

Duration: 21st Apr 23 - 1st May 23 | Read More

Help the Akademiya to get rid of Deviant Wenut with the Wenutslayer Cannon!

Defeat opponents and recover the components for the device, and assemble the Charging Devices and the Wenutslayer Cannon at the specified locations

To make use of the Wenutslayer Cannon, you need to charge it by using a Charging Device. The charging efficiency can be improvied with Elemental Energy obtained by defeating monsters around the Charging Device et by luring the Wenut to attack the nearby…

Brewing Developments

Duration: 13th Apr 23 - 24th Apr 23 | Read More

Defeat as many monsters as possible in the given time limit fior 3 consecutive rounds to gain points and unlock rewards. To clear the event more easily, the Shock-Boiled Brew will provide you random effects while you fight

Event rewards

In this event, you can get Primogems, Talent Level-Up Materials, Hero's Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora