Latest Game Events

Marvelous Merchandise

Duration: 26th Oct 20 - 2nd Nov 20 | Read More

The Marvelous Merchandise event is available for a limited time, and the corresponding missions have been added to the Battle Pass. Complete them to claim BattlePass EP (BEP).
(View specific mission criteria in Battle Pass > Missions > This BP Period)
Travelers can complete requests from Liben the merchant to receive a chance to open a Box o' Marvels.

Adventure Rank 12 or above

Event Details
During the event, Travelers may follow hints across Teyvat to find a…

Elemental Crucible - Co-Op

Duration: 12th Oct 20 - 19th Oct 20 | Read More

The Crucible Co-Op event will start soon!

Work together with other Travelers to shovel Elemental Clots into the Elemental Crucible to advance the alchemical process. After the alchemical transmutation is completed, consume Original Resin to receive bounties, including Character EXP materials, Adventure EXP, and more. Bounties will be calculated based on each Traveler's individual World Level. You can also obtain rewards such as Primogems, Character Ascension materials, and more…

Barbara's shining debut

Duration: 28th Sep 20 - 11th Nov 20 | Read More

Hey there everyone, we have some exciting news from the Genshin Impact Twitter!

The Barbara's Shining Debut event will begin right after official release! All Travelers who create an account and reach Adventure Rank 20 before Version 1.1 goes live will receive "Shining Idol" Barbara (Hydro) via in-game message.

Get Ready for the Road

Duration: 10th Sep 20 - 10th Oct 20 | Read More

Special Event to obtain a 4* weapon, rare artifact or other item for the game launch!

Read more on the official announcement:

Official Event Link:

Note: This event is only for PC and Mobile users.

Final Closed Beta Test

Duration: 2nd Jul 20 - 27th Jul 20 | Read More

This is the final CBT of Genshin Impact.


  • Explorable regions: Mondstadt (Anemo) and Liyue (Geo)
  • Playable Characters:
    • ?
  • Duration: ?
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS
  • Client sizes:
    • PC: 9.6GB (11.5GB installed)
    • PlayStation 4: 23GB
    • Android: 6.9GB
    • iOS: 6.4GB