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Polar Star

  • Type: Bow
  • Stars: 5 ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
  • Base Damage: 46
  • Ability: Critical Rate 7.2
  • Description:
    • A pristine bow that is as sharp as the glaciers of the far north.
Polar Star image

Detailed Description

"I was once a wounded wolf, betrayed by the whole world,"
"But we shall create a new world, one in which no one shall ever be forsaken."

"Dressed in flawless garments as radiant as the midday,"
"We came to the land of silver snow,"
"And sounded the clarion of Her Majesty's greatness."

"Oft have we walked in the moonless night."
"Oft have we trudged through the gilded sands."
"Oft have we felt piercing enmity in the dark,"
"And oft have we dreamed of lovers in distant hometowns."
"But the pale flame yet burns in our breasts."
"O Harbingers, scintillating as polar stars,"
"Guide us ever onward, tireless."

"If your dreams find no acceptance, if you nurse wounds that will not fade,"
"If you end each day discontent, if you burn with fury against false promises,"
"Lift up your eyes to the white, glimmering stars, for that is our banner."
"Join our ranks! Let our marching boots shake the earth like thunder!"
"You who will march with us towards the polestar of the white night, come! We shall never abandon you."
"You who will walk with us into the land of darkness, come! We shall create a new world together."

"Know that the destruction of all precedes the birth of a new order."
"At devastation's end, we will greet a stainless dawn."

Weapon Ability

Daylight's Augury

  • Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG increased by 12/15/18/21/24%. After a Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits an opponent, 1 stack of Ashen Nightstar will be gained for 12s. When 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Nightstar are present, ATK is increased by 10/20/30/48 / 12.5/25/37.5/60 / 15/30/45/72 / 17.5/35/52.5/84 / 20/40/60/96%. The stack of Ashen Nightstar created by the Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst will be counted independently of the others.


    Ascension Lv1 (Weapon Lv20)
    Mora: 10.000
    Ascension Lv2 (Weapon Lv40)
    Mora: 20.000
    Ascension Lv3 (Weapon Lv50)
    Mora: 30.000
    Ascension Lv4 (Weapon Lv60)
    Mora: 45.000
    Ascension Lv5 (Weapon Lv70)
    Mora: 55.000
    Ascension Lv6 (Weapon Lv80)
    Mora: 65.000