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Old Merc's Pal

  • Type: Claymore
  • Stars: 2 ✦ ✦
  • Base Damage: 33
  • Ability: 0 - None
  • Description:
    • A battle-tested greatsword that has seen better days and worse.
Old Merc's Pal image

Detailed Description

He would often mention the experience that he has in his youth as an adventurer.
They were always the same old long-winded, annoying tall tales.
But this old greatsword seems to silently say,
"Well, it is a bit over the top, yes. But I was there too, you know."

Weapon Ability

Weapon has no ability.


Ascension Lv1 (Weapon Lv20)
Mora: 5.000
Ascension Lv2 (Weapon Lv40)
Mora: 5.000
Ascension Lv3 (Weapon Lv50)
Mora: 10.000
Ascension Lv4 (Weapon Lv60)
Mora: 15.000