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  • Vendor: No
  • Location:
    • Mondstadt


Sara image


The friendly waitress at Good Hunter in Mondstadt. 

Additional Info:


Sara: Welcome to Good Hunter. How can I help you?

  • Can I get food to go?
    • Sara: Certainly. Here's the menu.
  • About Stormterror...
    • Sara: *sigh* Business has really taken a turn for the worse ever since Stormterror appeared. Nobody's in the mood to eat.

    • Sara: Even those customers who do show up do nothing but sigh and moan...

    • Sara: But I suppose that's normal. I just hope that all this will be over soon.

  • I'd like to ask about something.
    • Sara: Oh? What can I do for you?
      • What is Good Hunter?
        • Sara: Good Hunter is the best restaurant in town. We are famous for our Venison Steak and Satisfying Salad.

        • Sara: The hunters in Springvale provide us with the ingredients.

        • Sara: All ingredients are brought in fresh every day.

        • Sara: I can tell you about any item on the menu if you're interested.

      • Tell me about Mondstadt.

        • Sara: Judging by your looks, you must be a traveler.

        • Sara: Mondstadt truly is a great place for visitors.

        • Sara: Its temperate climate and clean water give birth to the best apples in all of Teyvat.

        • Sara: Our famous Satisfying Salad has Mondstadt apples in it. Do you want to give it a try?

      • Tell me, are there any events happening as of late?

        • Sara: There happens to be a salad tasting event ongoing now.

        • Sara: Here you go. If you like it, you can always visit me again. (Get 4x Satisfying Salads.)

  • Sorry for bothering you.
    • Sara: Thank you for coming to Good Hunter. Do come back next time!