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  • Vendor: Yes
  • Location:
    • Mondstadt


Marjorie image


The owner of the Mondstadt Souvenir Shop, "With Wind Comes Glory". She is Cyrus' daughter, and her stock is widely composed of souveniers from his adventures. 

Additional Info:


Marjorie: Welcome. Every treasure here is unique, so we don't negotiate on the price, nor do we give refunds.

  • Browse shop.
    • Marjorie: Take a look around. Let me know if you're interested in any of these.
  • I'd like to get some special souvenirs, please.
    • Marjorie: Well, then you've come to the right place. Have a look, see if anything takes your fancy!
  •  I'd like to ask about something.
    • Marjorie: Oh? I see you're very interested.
      • Tell me about your wares.
        • Marjorie: Which one caught your eyes? Every item here is unique. Every purchase here is a bargain!
        • Marjorie: They were all purchased from the adventurers. Each of them represents the passion and courage of these adventurers—
        • Marjorie: So don't bother asking for a discount. You can never discount passion and courage!
      • How did you come to own this shop?
        • Marjorie: Why did I open this shop, you ask? It's because of my dad.
        • Marjorie: He's the Master of the Adventurer's Guild, Mondstadt Branch. He always brings tons of treasures after each adventure.
        • Marjorie: He'll then tell me the story behind each of the treasures... He was my hero when I was little.
        • Marjorie: I wanted to share these stories with everyone, so I opened this shop—
        • Marjorie: But not long after opening, my dad became a bit more doddery and talks to himself all day...
      • Did I hear you talk about Wolvendom?
        • Marjorie: Oh, yes. I did see something strange in Wolvendom not long ago.
        • Marjorie: From the silhouette, it seems to have been a boy, but he was with a pack of wolves, and they seemed very close, too... 
        • Marjorie: Perhaps I was mistaken. I was quite a distance away, after all, and it was only a glimpse.
        • Marjorie: I mean, how could humans live alongside wolves? How strange...
  • Goodbye.
    • Marjorie: Oh! Don't forget to bring some goodies here next time!