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Chef Mao

  • Vendor: Yes
  • Location:
    • Liyue


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Xiangling's father. Boss and Chef of Wanmin Restaurant.

Also sells:

Teyvat Fried Egg

Fisherman's Toast

Chicken-Mushroom Skewer

Additional Info:


Here for the Wanmin Restaurant experience? Hi, I'm Chef Mao. Everyone in Chihu Rock will have heard of me.

  • Can I get food to-go?
    • Sure! What do you feel like having?
  • Tell me more about the Wanmin Restaurant.
    • Well, I'm the chef. I may not be quite the culinary legend that my daughter is, but you can be sure the Wanmin Restaurant is a cut above all those time-honored brands you see around!
      • Your daughter?
        • That's right — Xiangling! My dear daughter, and my best apprentice ever.
        • I only taught Xiangling how to cook so that she could inherit the Wanmin Restaurant from me one day. I had no idea she'd turn out to be such a pro. Her abilities far exceed my own.
        • But she's more than just an excellent chef. She has a real gift for innovation, she's constantly creating all these wonderful new dishes. That really sets her apart from what the time-honored brands do. And it makes her dishes all the more special for people who are used to traditional cuisine.
        • I started to worry that the restaurant might be too constricting for her. So I sent her off for a while to do some exploring and perfect her art.
        •  If anyone is going to revolutionize Liyue cuisine in the future, it'll be her. No doubt about it!
      • How's business going?
        • Oh, come on. How could business here at Wanmin Restaurant's be slow?
        • One taste of our handiwork will turn most people into regulars.
        • ...Speaking of regulars, we've had a young lady with a strange headdress come in pretty often lately. The vegetarian dishes on our menu seem quite to her taste.
        • But I've noticed that she only ever orders the vegetarian dishes, and in very small amounts, too.
        • I gave her a larger portion out of sympathy, but she seemed quite reluctant to accept it. Is she trying to maintain her physique? Young ladies nowadays really are serious about such things...
      • Which type of cuisine do you do?
        • Type of cuisine? Oh, we don't bother ourselves with that kind of thing here.
        • Li style and Yue style are all Zhongyuan Chop Suey to us.
        • We just concern ourselves with making the most delicious food imaginable using everyday ingredients, universally loved flavors, and truly excellent cooking.
        • Food exists to feed the hungry. It's that simple. These people who go putting systems and frameworks around everything are just amateurs that are overcompensating... They don't understand what cooking is really all about.
      • Any recommendations?
        • Black-Back Perch Stew is our signature dish. Sure, you might find it in other restaurants too, but I guarantee you it won't taste anywhere near as good as ours.
        • A generous helping of fish, cooked with a special blend of chili oil made from Jueyun Chili and Violetgrass. Beautifully tender, bursting with flavor. I've never had a single complaint from anyone who's eaten it!
        • ...It's a little spicy for some people, though, so not all would eat it in the first place.
        • Why not have a taste? If you like it, you can always buy some more.
        • (Obtain Black-Back Perch Stew ×4)
  • Goodbye.
    • Take care now. Do visit again when you're feeling hungry!