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  • Vendor: Yes
  • Location:
    • Liyue Harbor


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A merchant in Liyue Harbor

Additional Info:


Hi, Anything I can do for you?

  • What are you selling?
    • Best way to find out is to take a look around! I'm sure you'll find something you like.
  • About Rex Lapis' death... (Appears after finishing Rite of Descension)
    • Yes, I heard about that down the grapevine...
    • Liyue's economic boom could never have happened without the contributions of Rex Lapis. Even our coins, Mora, are named after him.
    • There isn't a single businessperson in Liyue that doesn't worship him, and not a single transaction goes ahead that is not to his glory.
    • So now that this has happened... It's going to be cataclysmic for the business world. Things might already be changing as we speak.
    • (Changes dialogue after finishing A New Star Approches)
    • So now that he has departed... It's going to be cataclysmic for the business world. Things might already be changing as we speak.
  • You are...?
    • I'm Changshun, a businesswoman and also a researcher in the field of Liyue Mercantilism.
    • Is there anything I can do for you?
      • Liyue Mercantilism?
        • That's right. Simply put, it's the philosophy of how to make as much Mora as possible, based on the accumulated wisdom of all the businesspeople in Liyue.
        • It's not enough in today's business environment to just throw yourself into the pursuit of profit. You have to educate yourself and consolidate the best practices from across the board to develop a successful business strategy.
  • How's business?
    • It's been quite good. Feiyun Slope is prime commercial real estate, after all.
    • If there was one snag, it would be that my store has never been graced with Rex Lapis' presence before...
    • Uh, I mean, this new shop of mine has never had the honor of Rex Lapis' personal patronage.
    • Those stores that have met with both his presence and his approval have all become incredibly popular household names.
    • *sigh* Well, this is not something that would happen just because I wish for it. Man proposes, and the Archon disposes...
  • See you.
    • Goodbye! Best of luck in all your business.

Opened up shop at Version 1.4