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  • Vendor: Yes
  • Location:
    • Liyue Harbor


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Boss of Wanyou Boutique.

Acts like a shady businessman but is only selling Sunsettias at market price.

Additional Info:


(Before completing Farewell, Archaic Lord)

Oi! Shhh! Keep your voice down!

(After completing Farewell, Archaic Lord)

Shush! Keep your voice down. Now, what can I get you?

Oh, it's you! Let's get down to business then, what can I get you?

  • What are you selling?
    • *low voice* You're here to view the goods, are you? Hehehe... Good stuff, good stuff..
  • About Rex Lapis' death...
    • Ah, to think that the rumors of his passing would turn out to be true...
    • Traveler. I hear that you came here from Mondstadt... In that case, I suppose you can feel the difference between our two nations now, yes?
    • In Liyue, even bit players such as myself have received Rex Lapis' grace in some fashion or another.
    • It was my honor to have been able to provide the Silk Flowers for his Rite of Parting.
    • I am no Qixing, and I don't possess a Vision, so that was the only way I could've been of help there...
    • *sigh* Let's not speak of it. I still have a business to run, and I can't run it with this frown on my face all the time, now can I?
  • Why are you acting so shady...
    • *low voice* I thought you were in the know... What's with all these questions?
    • *low voice* Discretion is key in this line of work...
    • *low voice* Come with me...
    • *low voice* Fresh sunsettias! Market rates guaranteed...
      • ...These are all just everyday items, no?
        • *low voice* You got that right! I sell everyday items. What else would I be selling?
        • Haven't you heard the saying, "silence is golden"? Well, if silence is golden, quietness has to be silver at least?
        • *whispering* So when you're doing business, you've got to talk in whispers so the Mora keeps rolling in!
        • *whispering* But you youngsters wouldn't understand, you're easily led astray by wacky ideas...
      • Sunsettia?
        • Tsk, look, I know they're not much to look at, but these here Sunsettias hold a profound and mysterious secret...
        • ...If you were to try one, then you would know: they're much sweeter than most other Sunsettias.
        • In fact, you can take these ones. Then you'll see I'm telling the truth...
        • (Obtain Sunsettia x4)
  • Goodbye.
    • *whispering* You're leaving? At least give me a few words of encouragement if you're not buying...

Released in Version 1.0

Opened shop at Version 1.4