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  • Vendor: Yes
  • Location:
    • Mondstadt


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Shopkeeper of Mondstadt General Goods.

Available all day and night in the shop.

Additional Info:


Hey there! We have quality goods at honest prices!

  • What do you have for sale here?
    • Please have a look around.
  • I'd like to ask about something.
    • I'm listening.
      • What makes Mondstadt General Goods special?
        • Our shop may be small, but we do have a warehouse in Liyue Harbor.
        • We take pride in having the largest catalogue of items and the fastest shipping in all of Mondstadt.
      • What is Mondstadt known for?
        • Mondstadt is a city known for its wines. Taverns are where you'd want to go.
        • Most dwellers here go to one of the taverns for a drink after a hard day's work.
        • You can meet all sorts of people in the taverns at night.
  • Goodbye.

Released in Version 1.0