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  • Vendor: Yes
  • Location:
    • Inazuma City


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Owner of Tsukumomono Groceries.

Prides herself in being able to fulfill her customer's wishes, as long as they are able to offer the right price. However, she won't disclose as to where she sources her goods. 

When asked if she has a Paimon, she becomes flabbergasted and thinks that Paimon is an antique flying doll that makes noises. Unfortunately she hasn't encountered a Paimon yet and says she needs to check her sources.

Additional Info:

Tsukumomono Groceries. All your wishes granted in this one place!

  • I'd like to make a purchase
    • Your wish is my command. Please, pick anything you like.
  • You sell everything here, you mean?
    • That's right. "Tsukumomono" itself means "having almost everything." Similarly, our shop is dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of every customer.
    • Which means that as long as you can offer the right price, you can buy anything.
    • Hehe... and as for how we got the goods, I'm afraid I cannot disclose that.
      • One new Paimon, please.
        • Pai... mon? Oh, What is this? A flying doll that makes noises? Is... is this some antique imbued with genjutsu, by any chance?
        • Sorry, this is indeed a little... Please wait, dear customer. I shall have to consult my sources...
  • See you.

Released in Version 2.0