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Naku Weed

  • Added In Version: 2.0.0
  • Category: Unknown
  • Collectable: Yes
  • Buyable: Yes
  • Vendor:
  • Price: 1000 (no discount)



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Even on windless days, this plant will tremble lightly amid the cries of thunder. The part of it that resembles petals are in fact extensions of the leaves meant to protect the fragile flower.
The Naku Weed grows strongly in areas saturated with Electro energy. Due to its great affinity for lightning, it is often used by residents to predict storms. Stories tell that these plants are what the bake-danuki Ioroi stole from the Shogun's very own garden using its powers, before planting them throughout the islands. Even long after its punishment and disappearance, people still speak of Ioroi's many deeds.