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Azure Crane image
Black-Back Hound image
Forest Boar image
Forest-Patrol Hound image
Jade-Eyed Cat image
Northland Cat image
Northland Hound image
Sheriff Cat image
Shiba image
Tiger-Striped Cat image
Hilichurl Chieftain Hall image
Open-Air Workshop image
Pavilion: Stargazer's Shelter image
Wing House: Dawn & Dusk image
"Clouds East of Bishui" image
"Four-Quadrant Cooking Cauldron" image
"Traveling Merchant North of the Stone Gate" image
Bountiful Harvest Fruit Cart image
Bustling Sundry Stand image
Classic Country Home image
Country Home With Tall Attic image
Fruit and Veggie Stall: Harvest Bounties image
Hilichurl Outpost Hut image
Lightning Protective Tent image
Liyue House: Amity Abounds image
Liyue House: Moon-Crested Eaves image
Liyue House: Of Timber and Stone image
Liyue House: Solitary Retreat image
Liyue House: Time Waits for No-One image
Liyue Pitstop: Tea Fragrance on the Old Road image
Liyue Shop: Citywide Favorite image
Mondstadt House With Overhanging Attic image
Multi-Arched Mondstadt Building image
Old Wind-Resistant Mondstadt House image
Pocket-Sized Pine Cabin image
Profitable Fruit Stand image
Real Deal Fruit Stand image
Roll-Roofed Fruit and Vegetable Cart image
Simple Single-Person Tent image
Two-Story Hilichurl Sentry Tower image
Warm and Dry Mondstadt Apartment image
Straw Depot image
Straw Hut image
Straw Shed image
"Ballad-Spinning Windwheel" image
Adeptus Gate image
Birch Main Courtyard Gate image
Bird and Blossom Design Fountain image
Carved Courtyard Fence image
Carved Courtyard Fence Ending image
Courtyard Wall: All in a Row image
Courtyard Wall: Peace Across image
Courtyard Wall: Spring and Autumn Splendor image
Main Entrance: Gateway to the Clouds image
Perimeter Wall: Scenic Archway image
Scenic Corridor: Sylvan Stroll image
Wall Corner: Fragrant Nook image
Hilichurl Spiral Watchtower image
Hilichurl Straw Hut image
Embroidered Lantern: Lofty Grandeur image
"Night of the Party Pumpkins" image
Checkered Cedar Ceiling image
Colorful Checkered Tile image
Dark Checkered Ceiling image
Dark Wood Arch Wall image
Eight-Sided Lantern: Lucky Day image
Favonius Fir Door image
Fir Wood Cornering Stairs image
Fragrant Cedar Cornering Stairs image
Fragrant Cedar Door image
Six-Sided Lantern: Harmony in Friendship image
Timber Wall With Jade Eaves image
Traditional Cedar Flooring image
Two-Tier Candle Chandelier image
Adeptus Amber: A Striking Sight image
Adeptus Amber: Trespassers Beware image
"A Seat in the Wilderness" image
"Brightcrown Plumebush" image
"Concealing Leaves" image
"Crystalfly's Perch" image
"Dainty Fists" image
"Green Fountain" image
"Hunter's Vantage" image
"Kindletree" image
"Prey's Cloak of Refuge" image
"Southern Sweetleaves" image
"The Color of the Wind" image
Amber Irontrunk Tree image
Amber Knotwood Tree image
Amber Pearlroot Tree image
Ashen Stone image
Birch Sapling image
Blooming Hedge image
Chasm's Doorstep image
Cuihua Sapling image
Formation Rock image
Goldbud Stone image
Goldchime Stone image
Golden Irontrunk Tree image
Golden Knotwood Tree image
Golden Pearlroot Tree image
Green Irontrunk Tree image
Green Knotwood Tree image
Green Pearlroot Tree image
Hiding Grazestone image
Mature Cuihua Tree image
Moonlight Stone image
Moss-Covered Stone image
Ordinary Garden Hedge image
Parched Stone image
Peculiar Knotwood Tree image
Qingce Heronleaf Bamboo image
Qingce Jadestone Bamboo image
Qingce Skysail Bamboo image
Recreation Stone image
Sartorial Stone image
Scorched Stone image
Silversand Coconut Tree image
Stepping Stone image
Stratus-Cloud Stone image
Sub-Space Boulder: Craggy Canopy image
Sub-Space Boulder: Palace Steps image
Sub-Space Boulder: Refined Beauty image
Sub-Space Boulder: Rocky Bulwark image
Sub-Space Boulder: Slumbering Stratus image
Sub-Space Boulder: Verdant Peak image
Summer Solstice Rock image
Sunset Stone image
Tall Birch image
Tianheng Red Maple: Branches Aflame image
Unmoving Kingstone image
Unprecedentedly Average Stone image
Verdurous Feast image
Verdurous Waiter image
Whitesand Coconut Tree image
Withered Pearlroot Tree image
Yellow Sandbearer Tree image
Gemini Jasmine image
Gemini Verdance image
Hazel Wildvest image
Luscious Bloom image
Meadow Bloom image
Overgrown Wildvest image
Profuse Awlking image
Profuse Lacquerleaf image
Profuse Smokeleaf image
Verdant Bloom image
Vivacious Awlking image
Vivacious Lacquerleaf image
Vivacious Smokeleaf image
Wine-Red Wildvest image
Stone Lion Statue: The Knowing image
Stone Lion Statue: The Warding image
Tasseled Lantern: Deck the Streets image
"The Adventurer's Burdens" image
Evil-Repelling Lantern: All-Around Lighting image
Farmer's Scarecrow image
Four Corners Lantern: Amity From Afar image
Fruit Seller's Caution image
Fruit Seller's Toil image
Hardwood Weapon Rack image
Hilichurl Archery Target image
Hilichurl Horned Pot image
Potted Plant: Verdant Vastness image
Roofed Well: For Purity image
Shadow Lamp: Painted Shadow image
Sturdy Stone Well image
Toy Stand: Dazzling Delights image
Umbrella Shop: Kaleidoscope of Parasol Colors image
Water-Retaining Flower Beds image
Wine Jar With Bamboo Casing: Spirits Awaiting Moonrise image
Wrought Iron Carved Street Light image
Deadwood Road Sign image
Fir Shelves image
Fir Weapon Rack image
Hardened Glazed Vase image
Heavy Hay Bale image
Messy Pile of Fir Crates image
Neat Stack of Fir Kegs image
Old Well image
Pine Street Light image
Simple Cargo Cart image
Storage Sack: Buzz-Off Bag image
"Archivist's Treasure Trove" image
"Lost Between the Pages of a Book" image
Economy Cuihua Bookshelf image
Exquisite Cuihua Bookshelf image
Two-Tier Library Bookshelf image
Wide Stone Stove image
Breeze-Blessed Bed image
Classic Fir Cabinet image
Cloudy Haze Bed image
Favonius Conference Table image
Favonius Office Table image
Fir Case Shelf Combination image
Fragrant Cedar Vegetable Rack image
Gold-Lined Sandbearer Wardrobe image
Intricately Carved Calligraphy Table image
Large Birch Wardrobe image
Long Table With Tablecloth image
Northern Birch Folding Counter image
Open-Top Fir Shelf image
Pine Reception Counter image
Portable Stove image
Red Cedar Curio Stand image
Red Cedar Round Table image
Red Cedar Scroll Shelf image
Shopkeeper's Cedar Shelf image
Square Pine Tea Table image
Sturdy Birch Vanity image
Sturdy Library Table image
Outdoor Pine Round Table image
Liyue Estate: Exquisite Mansion image
Mondstadt Mansion: Windward Manor image
Lantern-Lit Stage: Crescendo image
Silk Curtains: Fetching the Sanguine Sky image
Thundering Heavens Drum image
"Etiquette of Correspondence" image
"Scholar's Weariness" image
Alchemic Component: Burden of Dust image
Alchemic Device: Between Fire and Water image
Calligraphy Set: Assiduous Calligraphy image
Classical Lyre: Tenor of the Wind image
Exquisite Hourglass Ornament image
Flower Arrangement: Baby Blue Tranquility image
Flower Arrangement: Sprawling Daybreak image
Golden Triple-Arm Candelabrum image
Liuli Pavilion Sandbearer Floor Lamp image
Neat Stack of Books image
Potted Flower: Fragrant Facade image
Potted Plant: Crystalline Breeze image
Potted Plant: Petite Perrenial image
Seashell Table Lamp image
Tianyuan Lantern: Fragrant Brilliance image
Trusty Portable Lamp image
Alchemist's Crafting Bench image
Bamboo Outdoor Tea Table image
Crude Double-Decker Pallet image
Heavy Fir Forging Table image
Large Stone Mill image
Lush Grapevine image
Two-Tier Vendor's Booth: Rising Fortunes image
Wine Shop Display Counter: To Your Heart's Content image
Wooden Outdoor Tea Table image
Doorless Pine Cupboard image
Hilichurl Totem Fence image
Long Pine Table image
Smooth Stone Bench image
Smooth Wooden Bench image
Sturdy Pine Fence image
Weathered Bamboo Fence image
Wooden Hilichurl Fence image
Floral Screen: Jade and Gold image
Hardwood Screen: Morning Mist in Jueyun image
Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails image
Soft Lounge Sofa image
"A Bloatty Floatty's Dream of the Sky" image
"Clear Blue Afternoon" image
"Unwavering Determination" image
Birch Double Drawer Nightstand image
Entrance Rug: A Warm Welcome image
Gold-Lined Sandbearer Nightstand image
Mondstadt Rug: Crimson Ardor image
Mondstadt Rug: Tireless Search image
Northern Stone Hearth image
Pine-Backed Tea Chair image
Red Pine Wood Round Stool image
Tavern Rug: Home Away From Home image
Pine Dining Chair image
Wooden Restaurant Signboard image
Embroidered Curtains image
Favonius Coat of Arms image
Fine Brushwork: Bowl of Blossoms image
Fine Brushwork: Mountains Rising From the Mist image
Fine Brushwork: Peaks of Minlin image
Landscape Painting: Country Home image
Landscape Painting: Distant Clouds image
Landscape Painting: Nameless Precipice image
Bright Vase-Shaped Sconce image
Pure Spirit Banner image
Rally Banner image
Mounted Noticeboard image
Mounted Record Board image
Well-Worn Buckler image
Well-Worn Shield image
Well-Worn Sword image