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Electro Hypostasis





Code Name: Aleph. A high-purity Electro entity.

Elemental hypostases are the highest forms of elemental structures, usually formed either at a location bursting with elemental energy or at a clogged ley lines.

Elemental hypostases have developed defensive mechanisms based on their elemental attributes. 


Protects itself with a cubical shell that is elementally inert. Attacks are only effective when its elemental core is exposed, which is in the following situations:

  • It will do a drill attack towards you in a straight line, then drop inert for a few seconds.
  • Two wings clap together, then it will drop inert for a few seconds.
  • A 3 move combo from two wings clapping in, to scissors, to a final hammer, after which it will drop inert for a few seconds.
  • It will summon a cubes surrounding it for a second of two, which will then burst out to form rotating lasers. You can dodge this by standing inbetween the cubes before they burst or further away, then while the lasers are spinning the inner inert cube is damageable. After about 10 seconds the cubes will pull back into the core, dealing damage to any characters still standing inside.

When HP is low, it splits into three crystalline prisms that can absorb elemental energy. Make sure to destroy them all in one go or it will regain hp.